From fashion and portraiture in Europe, to swimwear on Australia’s Gold Coast, and quite a few weddings in between, for almost 20 years I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented & inspiring people on my pixel polishing journey.


With every “oooh glamorous!” jibe about working in beautiful European cities, my muscle memory recalls the crazy call-times.. the winter chill.. and the echo of our clumsy footsteps & dodgy trolley wheels as we dragged our body weight in gear through the sleeping piazzas of Venice! Kills the romance somewhat, one will agree!

Great experiences and images were created along the way. I’m forever grateful to the talented makeup artists, whose influence during those years helped me hone my beauty retouching skills in particular.

We never stop learning.

I strongly believe that working in industry is a vital part of teaching the industry.


I’m a geek of the highest order. My Doctor Who addiction spans 3+ decades. I began uni life as an Info Tech major, spending 4 years asking “why?!?”, before discovering QUT’s new Visual Communication Design degree. I was in heaven, and my career as the next Wim Wenders was surely imminent(!). Alas, a nasty mosquito bite and serious dose of Ross River Fever later, I found myself house-bound, rather sore, and astonishingly bored. PhotoShop became my new best friend and obsession..

And to think, I have a damn mosquito to thank for my career!

Some Nice Words